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Introducing Wisconsin American Legion Softball

American Legion Softball is slated to come to Wisconsin in 2023. The Wisconsin American Legion Softball League will be sanctioned by the American Legion, Department of Wisconsin and will mirror that of Wisconsin American Legion Baseball. Offering a program for high school softball players will help teams develop during the summer and keep teams together.  We will have recruitment rules similar to American Legion Baseball which will keep the teams community based and avoid the creation of ‘super teams’ but will still allow for team coop. If you are interested in forming a team and/or would like updates on the status of this new program, please submit your contact information and we will be in contact as plans progress. Registration opens October 15!

Legion Softball Details

  • Legion Softball will abide by NHSF Rules
  • 2 classes of competition for the initial year
  • Coaches and Managers will have to pass an annual background check and minor abuse training through Protect Youth Sports
  • Teams insurance purchase will be included with the Legion Softball Registration Fee
  • Age eligibility- Graduating Classes of 2023-2027
  • Registration Begins: October 15, 2022
  • Registration Deadline: May 1, 2023
  • Roster Deadline: June 12, 2023
  • Regional Tournaments July 21-23, 2023
  • State Tournaments July 28-30, 2023
  • Fees: While impossible to cite insurance rates at this time, we anticipate registration and insurance would cost approximately $425 per team
  • A signed softball player/parent agreement form will be required to acknowledge the rules and risks of playing American Legion Softball.


Wisconsin Legion Softball is grateful for the support of our generous sponsors and in-kind donors helping to ensure the success of the 2023 season!

For information on becoming a sponsor, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Does our team need to be sponsored by an American Legion Post?

No, you can be sponsored by an American Legion Post, VFW, Auxiliary Unit, Organization, a Business, etc as long as it’s approved by the Wisconsin American Legion Softball Committee

Can I register my travel ball team with American Legion Softball?

Travel Ball teams can and are encouraged to register their 18U/16U teams with American Legion Softball. The program can be their sponsor since ALS does not require a Legion Post for sponsorship. They will then be eligible to play in their regional tournament. All they would need is to have played in 10 games prior to the regional tournament vs other American Legion softball teams. The cost of registering a team is very close to the cost of registering for a regular tournament. You would play in a double-elimination regional tournament and if you placed in the top two spots you then would qualify for the State tournament at no extra registration cost to your program. Potentially getting two tournaments for the price of one.

What costs are associated with having a team?

Insurance and registration are required fees.  We anticipate this amount not to exceed $500 per team.  Other expenses would come on more of a local level, i.e. cost to purchase jerseys/uniforms, umpire fees, any equipment needed for team use, potential field use fees.  Background checks for each coach must be done annually that have a small fee associated with.

What uniform requirements will there be?

The Wisconsin American Legion Softball Logo will be required to be on the jersey top.  This logo needs to be on the left chest area or left sleeve.  The patch may be sublimated in the jersey (with Wisconsin Legion Softball prior approval) or a patch may be sewn in the required area.  Please contact Wisconsin American Legion Headquarters for patches.  Teams must be in matching jersey tops and bottoms.

Who schedules games?

Teams will schedule their own games.  Once registration begins, an online directory will be available for team communication.  Teams will be allowed to play in Wisconsin Legion Softball games when all members of their team have completed their WIAA season.

What does the season schedule look like?

Regular Season- beginning as soon as high school play ends

Regional Tournament- July 21-23, 2023

State Tournament- July 28-30, 2023

What will postseason play look like?

Playoffs will be overseen by the Wisconsin American Legion Softball Committee.  Regional Tournaments may require more travel for some than others, depending on the number of teams registered and the location of those registered teams.  Regional Tournament Champions will advance to the State Tournament.  We will have an 8-team state tournament beginning in 2023.  Regional and State Tournament format will be a traditional double-elimination tournament.

How many classes/divisions will there be?

For the inaugural season we anticipate having only one class/division.  Depending on the number of teams registered, we may look at having a second class/division for 2023.  This will not be able to be determined until the registration has begun and we can get a feel for how many teams are competing in Wisconsin Legion Softball in 2023.  For 2023 all teams will compete at the Varsity level.  As the program grows, we hope to offer the Jv level.  

What are the age requirements to be eligible for participation in the 2023 season?

Players entering 8th-12th grades in the Fall 2022 school year are eligible for participation in the 2023 season.

Who is in charge of getting umpires for games?

Host teams will be required to secure necessary umpires for regular season games as well as being responsible for payment of them.  Regional Tournament hosts will secure all umpires for the duration of their Regional Tournament.  Regional Tournament hosts may require an umpire fee of up to a maximum of $75.00 per game.  State Tournament hosts will secure all umpires for the duration of their State Tournament.  State Tournament hosts are responsible for payment of umpires, no fee to be charged to attending teams for umpire fees.

How is transportation coordinated?

Teams will coordinate transportation individually, whether it be parent/team transportation or bussing.

What is the cost per player?

Teams can decide on individual player costs based on their sponsorship, fundraising, and season expenses.

Can players participate in travel ball and Legion Softball at same time?

Players ARE NOT committed to play only Legion Softball.

Important/Required Dates/Deadlines for 2023 season:

May 1, 2023 - All teams must be registered and insurance paid, background checks and minor abuse training completed by all coaches

June 12, 2023 - Rosters must be submitted to Department Headquarters

July 12, 2023 - Scholarship applications due to Department Headquarters

July 21-23 - Regional Tournaments @ TBD

July 28-30 - State Tournament @ TBD


It's our mission to enhance the lives of our Veterans and their families, inspire the next generation of Wisconsin leaders, and promote the principles of The Legion in every community across the Badger State.

Together, we can accomplish so much for those who need us. We welcome you to our Legion Family.