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Why Legion Baseball?

More Games - Great Competition - More Exposure - Great Experience

Being able to play on the Westby American Legion team was great.  It gave me two or three times as many games to play in than if I only had spring baseball at school. I know that extra time on the field was part of the reason I got into Creighton and University of Illinois on full athletic scholarships.  Our manager, Roger Mathison was a great mentor.  His being so involved with The American Legion gave all of us a better appreciation for the Veterans in our community.  I’m looking forward to the day when my boys play on The American Legion team.  That would be pretty cool.” -David Schultz 1st Baseman Westby American Legion Team 1999-2002

"We had an amazing and humbling experience at this tournament and it will be an event that not only all of us will not forget but our fans, parents, legionnaires and program will never forget!!! Our kids competed extremely hard and by no means were we over powered by talent we played with both teams that we were matched against we just couldn't come up with the big hit we needed to ignite a rally to pull ahead.

Our team was greeted and welcomed with a fantastic banquet Wednesday night and we were very respectful and well mannered throughout the tournament, getting compliments about our boys and our program from the tournament directors, other coaches and parents and host family! 

On a more personal level, this was our 2nd trip to a National tournament and 1st in 62 years and in our 95 year history of Legion baseball in New London.  When I was talking with my wife's grandpa about our accomplishments he reminded me of when he was 18 years old and went himself.  He was able to replay and recall everything that they had accomplished and was glowing just thinking about and talking about his trip so long ago.  We were able to give some excitement and life back to the 1st team that went and competed and this to me meant just as much as being able to experience such an awesome event for myself!

I, and the New London Clippers Varsity Legion Baseball team, are sooooooo beyond grateful for the opportunity that you have given us and we will continue to make you proud of what we are doing and representing the state of Wisconsin via Legion Baseball!" - Jim Thorpe, New London Clippers Manager


It's our mission to enhance the lives of our Veterans and their families, inspire the next generation of Wisconsin leaders, and promote the principles of The Legion in every community across the Badger State.

Together, we can accomplish so much for those who need us. We welcome you to our Legion Family.