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The volunteers that keeep Camp American Legion open and running are far too numerous to list, but their work is invaluable to the success of our Camp.  During the opening of Camp, close of Camp and throughout the Camp season, people give of their talents as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, cooks, dishwashers, housekeeping and others.  Volunteers are invaluable to the successful operation of camp.  Volunteers are all special, caring and giving people.  Camp could not function without their selfless, sacrificing service.

During the Camp season volunteers are needed to meet the many recreational needs of our campers.  Seasonal Volunteers are needed to drive pontoon boats, take campers fishing and cruising, drive campers to off site activities and events and do crafts with campers in our craft shop.  Our recreational volunteers help our campers and their families have fun and get the most out of their stay.

Any individuals interested in volunteering their time and talents, please contact Camp and Thank You!


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