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Shooting Sports Program

  Junior Shooting Sports is a three-part program that combines the Basic Marksmanship Course, 

 Qualification Awards and Air Rifle Competition into a well-rounded activity. Participants can be of any
 gender, ages 8 through 18.

 Shooters acquire skills in the proper care and safe handling of firearms; the management of target
 shooting and competitions; development of those qualities of leadership, loyalty, team cooperation and
 good sportsmanship; which are essential to good citizenship.

Department of Wisconsin

       3-Position Air Rifle Postal Match

The Department of Wisconsin is conducting the 4th Annual 3-Position Air Rifle “Postal” tournament in the “sporter” category only.  This match provides youth an opportunity to test their marksmanship ability in competition with other junior competitors throughout the state. A Postal Match is a match in which competitors’ fire on their home ranges using targets which have been ordered from Headquarters.

Entry in either the Individual or Team Postal match is limited to competitors who are active members of a Junior Shooting club (4-H, Boy Scouts. etc.) affiliated with an American Legion Post; or members of a Jr. Shooting Sports program that is run by the Post.  A representative from a sponsoring Post must be present when the match is fired.


Participation certificates, Jr. Shooting Sport patches and trophies will be awarded in 3 individual age categories.

Three scholarships in the “sporter” Senior category (15-18 years old) will be awarded as follows: one $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to the highest individual match score; one $750 scholarship to the 2nd highest individual match score and; one $250 scholarship to the 3rd  highest individual match score.

Click here to download Department Target Set Order Form. The deadline for ordering targets is February 1, 2020. Returned fired postal targets must be postmarked no later than March 1, 2020.

This Department Postal match is separate from the National competition.  The National competition is an annual tournament that begins with postal matches to determine state and/or regional champions. The next stage is a Qualification Round (also a postal match) to determine shooters who will earn expense paid trips to compete in the National Championship. The National Championship is a shoulder-to-shoulder match held during the summer in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The sport can, with study, practice and hard work, lead junior shooters all the way to the Olympics. (To learn more, click on the National link below.)

Contact Sheri at or 608-745-1090 Ext. 215 to receive a Postal Match brochure or get more information regarding Post affiliation. Post affiliation form

The American Legion hosts an annual National Air Rifle Tournament that draws more than 1,200 contestants annually. The American
Legion Junior Position Air Rifle Tournament begins with postal matches to determine state and regional champions. Learn More

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