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Schneider-Emanuel American Legion Scholarship

Schneider-Emanuel American Legion Scholarship

It is the intent of The Wisconsin American Legion that this award shall enable a student, with a good measure of self-help, to secure a baccalaureate degree.  If an applicant is already in college, he/she must have a transcript of high school and the last complete semester of college.
Awards will be given to an applicant that has maintained an academic average of "B" or better for a period of seven high school semesters, based upon the standard of the institution granting the diploma.  The applicant also must:
Be able to meet the specific entrance requirements of the chosen learning institution
Complete and submit supporting documents such as: transcript of grades, four recommendation forms, and your ACT score.  Documents should be sent by March 1st prior to school opening the following September
Be willing to sign, along with the parent or guardian, the "Agreement" portion of the application.
** Note: Previous award winners are not eligible for consideration for a second scholarship.
The following factors shall be considered by the judges when deciding the relative merit of the applicant:
Instruction Sheet
Download Application here! (Application is now fillable, fill out, print and send in with required attachments)
For additional information, please contact (608) 745-1090

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