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Reconnect Program

Through this program, relations can and do take many forms.  Service members and their families become personally acquainted with American Legion family members - those who belong to the Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary or the Sons of The American Legion.
For their part, the military installations schedule opportunities for veterans to come on base, tour facilities, even stay overnight, and personally see our nation's uniformed men and women at work.
In many communities, the Legion likewise provides valuable support for the installation, which may be short-staffed due to heavy wartime deployment.  Military units, bases, armories, and reserve centers have been "adopted" by Legion posts who offer their services, including providing comfort and support for troops as well as the families of deployed personnel.  Legion "care packages" are sent to men and women serving overseas at various times of the year.
-Attend National Guard and Reserve Events
-Connect with family readiness groups
-Sponsor Deployment and returning events in your Communities
-Share our story and let them know how The American Legion Stands ready to serve them, their families and their Communities
At home, the Reconnect Program also makes today's service members and their families aware of the many Legion programs designed to help them and their communities, now and in the future. Such as:
-Troop and Family Support Program
-Veterans Assistance Fund
-Camp American Legion
-SAL Josh Dogs to name a few
The Reconnect Report is a way for The American Legion to track the activities throughout the country. This information is used by the National Commander, when testifying before congress, to show what The American Legion is doing to justify thier non-profit status as a Veterans Service Organization. Please fill out the attached RECONNECT REPORT and submit to Department Headquarters:
The American Legion, Department of Wisconsin
Attn: Reconnect Report
P.O. Box 388
Portage, WI 53901


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