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County Youth Government Day


It has been recognized that there is little emphasis and very little material available on county government in our schools.  There is also a general reluctance to accept any responsibility for the workings and outcome of our government.  When Americans turn 18, they are granted the right to vote, however, very few uphold this honor.  Some say it’s because they weren't’ ever educated enough, some don'’t feel they'’re qualified enough, and some just don’t care enough about the inner-workings of our political system. 
Purpose:  The American Legion County Youth Government Day Program is designed to 
teach students about the importance of their county government before they turn 18, so they have the information and confidence necessary to increase the voting numbers at the polls.  The ultimate goal is for participating students to educate others to become better citizens, and create an atmosphere for a cleaner and more effective government.
Participation: Teachers are asked to get students involved in a class-wide election 
process for the county offices.  A suggested time should be allotted for learning about the various offices and their responsibilities, a time for nominations, for campaigns, and for real elections (which would in turn create interest and understanding of county governments).  Once students decide to become a candidate, have campaigned, and have been duly elected, they would represent the school and the students at the County Government day.
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