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Children's Miracle Network

Childrens Miracle Network

CMN is associated with 170 hospitals that treat children with all types of afflictions; rendering treatment based on need and not just the ability to pay. One hundred percent of all contributions go directly to children's hospitals to provide health care for children, whose parents can't afford to pay, help to purchase up-to-date equipment, conduct life-saving research, and implement outreach programs. 
Children's Miracle Network and The American Legion have created a Fund Raising Guidebook to assist local Posts and individuals in raising money for their local participating hospitals. The Guidebook contains answers to important questions including what you should do, how to do it, and why. The guidebook provides your local organizations with contacts in your community to help you get started. It even includes a multitude of fund raising ideas that you can draw from. There are many recognition and incentive awards available, including a trip to Walt Disney World for the annual CMN Champions television broadcast. 
To download a copy of the CMN Champions and The American Legion Fund Raising Guidebook, click here (This file is available in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf). You may view it using the Adobe Acrobat Reader available as a free download from the Adobe Acrobat website.
To order a copy of the Fund Raising Guidebook, call (317) 630-1212 or send an e-mail, with Children's Miracle Network in the subject line, to
Visit the Children's Miracle Network web site at:

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