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Badger Boys State

Badger Boys State

It is a week-long journey through a great many things that make us who we are; leaders, friends, students, athletes, and most of all citizens of our respective cities, towns, and our great state.  The journey can be described as the most challenging and most rewarding (and fun) experience by those who have already participated in the program.
This program is designed to teach boys that the American form of government is stronger and more vital in today's world of struggle than ever before.  It teaches that the American people have no more precious possession than that great document, the Constitution, which at once safeguards and transmits to posterity those principles of the great American heritage -- justice, freedom and democracy under God.
Approximately 900 boys from every part of Wisconsin will come to Badger Boys State this year.  Upon arrival at the Ripon College campus, boys will be grouped into cities and counties, which will form a "51st state."  For eight days the citizens of the "new state" will carry out all the main functions of city, county, and state government using basic laws and fundamental procedures of the State of Wisconsin as their guide.
The boys themselves will elect their own municipal, county and state officials.  As alderman or county supervisors they will frame, present and pass their own ordinances and laws; their own police and sheriffs will enforce them.  As attorneys they will prosecute or defend, or as judges, hear cases in their own courts.   Through this program, these leaders of the future should develop a sense of individual obligation to the community, state and nation.
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2020 Session will be June 13-20, 2020. For those who have previously sponsored, you will recieve your sponsor cards by the end of October. If you need a sponsorship packet, contact Sheri at (608) 745-1090 or
Samsung Scholarship (Deadline June 8, 2019)
Samsung, a worldwide leader in electronics, endowed a scholarship fund of five million dollars to be administered by The American Legion. The endowment was made to show appreciation to U.S. veterans who came to the aid of Korea during its struggle against communist forces during the Korean War. Frequently asked Questions
Governor Walker talks about his Badger Boys State Experience.
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