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Sales Tax Exemption

As of July 1, 2018 Veterans Service Organizations are Tax Exempt.

Q: What is the effective date for the new Sales Tax Exemption for Veteran Service Organizations?
A: The new law is effective beginning on July 1, 2018

Q: How does this exemption affect our local Post?
A: Anything you purchase for the Post is now tax exempt.

Q: Are there any exceptions?
A: Food, alcohol and items purchased to prepare them are not exempt if they are for resale.

Q: We are constructing a new building, is that tax exempt?
A: As long as you do not enter into a contract prior to July 1, 2018.

Q: Are building materials tax exempt?
A: Yes, after July 1st.

Q: What must be done to get the tax exemption?
A: You and the seller must fill out Department of Revenue for S-211. This form is available
from the DOR website: or CLICK HERE

Page 14-item 3 of the Wisconsin Tax Bulletin is another good resource.

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