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Commander's Communique for February 19, 2014




Recent National Guard Incident

After the recent inappropriate Social Media Postings by National Guard Funeral
Honors members, the phones here at Portage have been ringing off the hook.
Adjutant Kurtz and myself have done multiple interviews on radio and TV,
and felt it important that we share this message with The American Legion.
Like many of you, my first reaction was a wide range of emotions
from disbelief, to anger, to sadness, to disappointment. The actions of the
soldiers, regardless of an empty casket or not, are still reprehensible. As The
American Legion, we need to let Wisconsin National Guard Leadership

investigate and handle this incident in a timely and professional manner. We have been in touch with the highest levels of Leadership at the Wisconsin National Guard and can assure you that they are dealing with this situation in a thorough manner.                                                                                      

Our focus as Legionnaires is to remember that the 32nd Brigade is mobilizing to
Afghanistan. Our mission is to support those troops and their families.
We have attached a link to the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs blog
with words from Wisconsin Adjutant General, Major General Donald P. Dunbar
for your review.


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