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Commander's Communique for December 24, 2015

Holiday greetings all:


I am very pleased with the Department's membership drive to date. Nationally, we were at the top for 11 weeks running until the Philippines jumped ahead last week. Congratulations to all 12 Districts for exceeding last years standings to date. I realize part of the success is the increased dues starting next year and the Legionnaires desire to save money by renewing early. However, we need to keep the momentum going since historically the Department starts to slow down with our membership drive after the first of the year. Please give a renewed effort for those posts under 80% and continue to push those posts in the high 90 percentages to hit that magic 100%.


I want to also thank you for the outpouring support following the death of our historian, George Buchanan. His family, and myself, were in awe concerning the number of Legion Family members at the wake Thursday night and funeral service on Friday. An announcement and DEC request for approval will be forthcoming after the first of the year concerning a new historian.


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Commander Dale

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