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Chaplain's Notes

Passing of Gordon Knudson

Memorial Service for Andrew Schefelker

Passing of Commander Frank's Grandson Andrew Schefelker

Passing of Dale Johnson

Passing of PDVC Ruben Hale

Passing of Patricia Wischer

Passing of PDSAA Clyde Jenkins

Passing of PDVC Robert Foley

Passing of Frank Mathison's Son

Passing of Joann Mautz

Passing of Mary Chapin

Sugery of PDVC & PDH Nellie DeBaker

Passing of Past Department Vice Commander Wayne Faber

Update on the Passing of PDC Teddy Duckworth

Updated on the Passing of Keith A. Kreul

Passing of PDC & PNC Keith A. Kreul

Passing of PDC Teddy Duckworth

Chaplain's Alert for December 29, 2017

Passing of PDC Lloyd Wagener's wife Bernice

Passing of Camp Director's Father-In-Law

Passing of PDJA and BBS Director Fred Berns

Illness of Ann Rynes

Passing of PDVC Jessi Haro

Passing of Department Commander Clewell's Sister

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Jim Lee Knee Surgery

Illness of Department Vice Commander Ensley Brown

Illness of Mike and Denise Rohan's Son

Passing of Department Vice Commander Laurel Clewell's grandson

Passing of Wilma Frazer's Brother Harvey

Passing of Wilma Frazer's sister Helen

Todd Braun Back Surgery

Passing of Past National Historian Bobbe Stuvengen

Passing of Past National Vice Commander Erv Van Dyke

Passing of Colonel Donald L. Heiliger (USAF Ret.)

Illness of Bobbe Stuvengen

Passing of PDJA William "Bill" Dyke

Illness of PDC Chuck Cooney

Passing of PDVC Donald Priest

Recovery of PDC Lloyd "Kicker" Wagener

Passing of Commander Oatman's Mother-in-law

Funeral Services for Department Historian George Buchanan

Passing of Department Historian George Buchanan

Passing of Past Department Sergeant At Arms John Grothe

Passing of Past Department Sergeant At Arms Marty Czarnecki

Passing of Past Department Chaplain Bill Spencer

Passing of Carole Barnett

Illness of Carol Barnett

Passing of PDC Marty Jansen

Passing of Terry Woodburn, IL

Passing of Past Department Commander Robert Zukowski

Passing of Angie Chappell's brother

Memorial Service for PDVC Jim Holler

Surgery of PDVC Dan Rindt

Illness of PDVC and PD Historian Don Southworth

Passing of 9th District Commander Bob Lemke

Passing of Arlene Nelson, wife of PDVC Howie Nelson

Passing of 6th District Commander Jeff Puddy's Brother

Ann and Alternate NECman Ken Rynes's son Cole

Passing of PDVC Robert F. Means

Passing of Wilma Frazer's Brother Harley

Passing of PDC Denise Rohan's Mother

Past National President's Surgery

Surgery of Chuck Roessler

Passing of PDVC Jim Holler

Funeral of Fred Manske

Passing of Fred Manske

Chaplain's Alert for August 12, 2014

Passing of NECman Elect Steve Krueger's Mother-in-law

Passing of PDVC Fred Manske's wife Marge

Illness of PDH Frank Mathison

Illness of PDVC Fred Manske's wife

Passing of Jan Batty's Father

Passing of PDCS Julia E. Haese

Passing of Bob DeLong

Passing of Vernal Bartels

Passing of Gerry Van Oss

Puddy Family's loss.

Dan Rindt Surgery

Cecil Groves Surgery

Passing of Ken Bonde

Passing of Greg Simonis

Passing of Eric Herbison, son of PDC Arthur Herbison

Passing of PDVC Lloyd Habermann

Passing of Barbara Annette Manley Rynes

Passing of PDVC John Dooley

Passing of PDC Jack Dammon

Passing of PDC Dale Peterson

Recovery Update on PDC Jim Reigel

Illness of Leo Taylor

Illness of Keith Kreul

Passing of Bob Wipf

Illness of PDC Robert Batty

Illness of PDVC Phil Cote

Passing of Leo Taylor's Brother and Sister

Passing of John Cumicek's wife Adrienne

Passing of Portage County Commander Lou LaCroix

Message from Department Commander Wayne W. Jensen

Illness of Past Department Commander James Reigel

Illness of Department Assistant Chaplain Greg Simonis

Passing of Past Department Commander Duane W. Neuman

Surgery of SAL Detachment Commander Steve Meyer

Passing of "John Model"

Passing of 5th District Commander Pete Goossens

Illness of Suzie Krueger

Passing of Lois Rand

Passing of Jean Cooney

Illness of Jean Cooney

Passing of the son of Department Judge Advocate, Atty G Steve Kaminski

Passing of PDVC Nelson Miller and Illness of PDH/PDVC Nellie De Baker

Passing of PDC & PDA Peck (Updated 4/30/12)

Illness of PDVC Gary Mader

Illness of PDC & PDA Peck

Passing of Rev. Ernest Matson

Passing of John Thurk's Granddaughter

Passing of Rick Barnett

January 11, 2012

January 3, 2012

December 27th, 2011

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