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CC December 23, 2010


Commander's Communique for December 23, 2010
The Batty Battalion Moves toward the front!
National Commander Jimmie Foster and Department Commander Bob Batty continue the 2011 Membership Campaign and are presenting Legionnaires in Wisconsin with a host of incentives and awards for individual recruiting and retention.  
The traditional “I Got 1” pins are available for everyone who recruits a new member this year.
Commander Batty is also urging all Legionnaires to join “The Batty Battalion”.
Commander Batty has identified the first step in growing our membership is to retain those members we already have within our ranks, which is why he would like everyone to “Mobilize for Membership” and “Join the Batty Battalion”.   Simply renew 3 Legion members for the 2011 membership year and earn a special pin that only members of the “Batty Battalion” will receive. 
These special “Badges” are available through Department Headquarters now! 
National Commander Jimmie Foster is encouraging everyone to receive a “Lucky 7” Pin.  During the 2011 membership year, National Commander Jimmie Foster will award his National Commander pin to any Legion family member who signs up at least two new members and renews five current members into The American Legion.  To maintain the integrity of the National Commander’s pin incentive program, only one will be awarded per individual.  
There’s also an opportunity to join the “Badger Big Ten” team.  Sign up ten (10) new members and be a part of this exclusive group of Legionnaires.  You’ll receive a pin and a patch to wear with pride.  
The National American Legion is also encouraging recruitment with the Silver Brigade and Gold Brigade awards for Legionnaires who recruit 25 and 50 new members respectively.   
Commander Batty wants to recognize every Legionnaire who does their part to maintain our membership strength and build our organization.  Each of the awards and opportunities for recognition are designed to encourage growth.  To receive an award, please fill out the Certification Form naming the appropriate number of New and Renewed members and submit it to Chris at Department Headquarters.  Feel free to duplicate the Certification Form as many times as necessary for your convenience.
Attached Certification Form
Congratulations Legionnaires, the word is out about what a great organization the Wisconsin American Legion is.
Attached is some Christmas Greetings from the 1/147th Avn. Bn. in Iraq.
Christmas Greeting Part 1
Christmas Greeting Part 2

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