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CC April 8, 2010

Commander's Communique for April 8, 2010

The Commander's Communique is your periodic source for talking points relevant to the issues of the day affecting the Wisconsin American Legion.  It is intended to be used as a tool to communicate the Legion's message to your members and the public.  Print it out and take it your Post meeting and make sure that everyone is informed.

A wide-reaching statewide effort to honor Wisconsin Vietnam War veterans will culminate in a weekend of recognition and celebration of their service and sacrifice. Veterans, friends, families and everyone in Wisconsin are invited to attend LZ Lambeau™: Welcoming Home Wisconsin’s Vietnam Veterans May 21-23, 2010. The event will include The Moving Wall™, military-vehicle displays, aircraft exhibits, reunions, exhibits and a Saturday-night tribute event inside Lambeau Field in Green Bay .
Tickets are available now for the keynote event on Saturday evening, May 22, that will honor and thank Wisconsin ’s Vietnam Veterans, offering them the warm welcome home that many never received. Tickets are free for Vietnam and Vietnam-era veterans and $10 for friends, family and the general public. There is a $2 service charge on each ticket to cover processing. To reserve/purchase tickets for the Saturday evening May 22 event inside Lambeau Field, visit or call 1-800-895-0071. Or, you can place group ticket orders for your post or district members by calling 1-920-766-4675.
All other events during the weekend are free and open to the public.
LZ Lambeau will be a huge event, and will require several thousand volunteers to help with all kinds of tasks, including parking cars, helping disabled veterans get around the grounds, setting up the stages and picnic tables and cleaning up after the weekend is over.  
If you or someone you know could spare some time and energy to help make this historic event happen, please visit or call 1- 800-253-1158.  
See you at LZ Lambeau!
Membership Awards to be Presented at Spring Meetings
Our 95% membership goal is just around the corner April 12th and we have much to do to make it as we are now at only 92.157%. It sure would nice to make this one seeing as we have made every goal so far this year. We have to get out and work this.
Whether it will help or not only time will tell but I am going to present two awards at the spring meetings to the County Commanders. It will be the same as we had at Midwinter for the District commanders. We will have an award for the highest percentage of membership turned in from now until Spring Meetings and the highest number of members turned in from now until then.
The Department is in 6th place at National with the five ahead of us being smaller Departments.  We are currently first in the Central Region.
In closing, I will say that we have done a good job so far and let's not slow down now. Keep up the good work
Jim Hying
Department Membership Chairman
Testimonial Dinner for PNC John Geiger
The Department of Illinois has made provisions on its website for the posting of "thank you" letters to PNC John Geiger on the occasion of the testimonial dinner that is being held in his honor in May. Anyone wishing to post an online letter is welcome, and encouraged, to do so at (click on "John Geiger’s Guestbook" on the upper left).
Letters on stationery may be mailed to:
The American Legion of Illinois
"John Geiger’s Guestbook"
P.O. Box 2910
Bloomington, IL 61702-2910
Troop and Family Support Challenge
Remember the National Security Committee's Post Challenge?  Each Post is requested to donate $250 toward the Troop and Family Support Fund.  Needed support requests are coming in each day for phone cards, blue star banners, care packages and all manner of emergency needs.  We want to ensure there are enough funds available to help veterans and their families in need.
We value your privacy and will not sell or otherwise share your e-mail address or personal information with any other organization.

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