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The Adjutant's Notes are your source of up to date information on the activities and events of The Wisconsin American Legion.  The Adjutant's Notes are a must read for anyone actively involved in the organization, and are published and emailed with the latest information as it becomes available.
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Adjutant's Notes for September 3, 2009
Legion Commander Weighs in on Chippewa County Memorial Controversy
Adjutant's Notes for September 17, 2009
Wisconsin Legion Calls for Veterans Care above Politics
Adjutant's Notes for October 1, 2009
Chaplain's Alert
Wisconsin casualties in Afghanistan heighten need for support
Adjutant's Notes for October 15, 2009
Adjutant's Notes for October 29, 2009
Troop and Family Support Fundraiser in Metro Milwaukee Area
Adjutant's Notes for November 12, 2009
Eat at Applebee's December 13th and Raise Funds for the Legion
Adjutant's Notes for November 25, 2009
Past Department Commander Damman Injured
Past Department Vice Commander Arndt Undergoing Surgery
Veterans Affairs Board Needs to Refocus
Adjutant's Notes for December 10, 2009
Hotel Options Added for Mid-Winter Conference
Adjutant's Notes for December 23, 2009
Mid-Winter Blood Drive
Make a Year End Contribution to the Legion
Adjutant's Notes for January 7, 2010
Passing of Past Department Vice Commander Rausch
Adjutant's Notes for January 21, 2010
Announcement Concerning Veterans Legislation
Special Message from the National Commander
Adjutant's Notes for February 18, 2010
Passing of Karl Krueger
Rohans Welcome First Grandchild
Wisconsin American Legion Statement on Assembly Bill 781
Adjutant's Notes for March 4, 2010
Veterans Recognition Dinner - Post 9/11 Veterans
WI Wins Big 12!
Adjutant's Notes for March 18, 2010
Legion Disappointed by Legislation Purported to “Enhance” GI Bill
Legion Supports Amendment to AB 781 That Restores Full Benefits
Adjutant's Notes for April 1, 2010
Call to Action!
Legion Legislative Update
Vets Geographic Representation Bill passes Assembly Vets Affairs Committee
Adjutant's Notes for April 15, 2010
Member Action Needed on Assembly Bill 781
May 3rd Badger Legionnaire Now Available Online!
Adjutant's Notes for April 29, 2010
Wisconsin Veterans Let Down by Inaction of State Senate
Additional Chaplain's Alert
Chaplain's Alert
Adjutant's Notes for May 13, 2010
Adjutant's Notes for May 20, 2010
"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in Jeopardy
Adjutant's Notes for June 3, 2010
Badger Legionnaire available On-Line!
Adjutant's Notes for June 18, 2010
Discover Wisconsin Show
Adjutant's Notes for July 2, 2010
Adjutant's Notes for Friday July 9, 2010
Adjutant's Notes for Friday July 23, 2010
All-Star Baseball Tickets
Amnesty wont work: Secure our borders
Adjutant's Notes - July 28th, 2010
Amnesty won’t work: Secure our borders
Annual Membership Meeting
Adjutant's Notes for August 13, 2010
Adjutant's Notes August 20th, 2010
Legion Riders Heading to Milwaukee
Adjutant's Notes for September 3, 2010
Commanders Communique September 3, 2010
September 15, 2010 Badger Legionnaire
E-Mail Scam
Adjutants Notes for September 24, 2010
Commander's Communique for October 8, 2010
Veteran's Day Events
Chaplain's Alert October 21, 2010
October 21, 2010 Badger Legionnaire
Adjutant's Notes for October 22, 2010
Badger Boys State Update
Midwinter January 2011
Chaplain's Alert for November 22, 2010
Memorial Service to be Held for Terry G. Troutman
December 2, 2010 Badger Legionaire
Chaplain's Alert December 15, 2010 ~ 5th District Chaplain
Chaplain's Alert for December 15, 2010
Adjutant's Notes for December 23, 2010
Commander's Communique for December 23, 2010
Midwinter Wrap up & Sweepstakes Winners
12th Annual Salute to the African American Veteran
Chaplain's Alert for January 25, 2011
Chaplain's Alert for February 4, 2011
Chaplain's Alert for February 8, 2011
Chaplain's Alert for March 24, 2011
Chaplain's Alert April 5, 2011
Legion Opposes Assembly Bill 96
Chaplain's Alert for May 9, 2011
Calling All Band Directors
An Important Message from the Department Historian
Chaplain's Alert for June 3, 2011
Passing of PDVC Bill Strieter
King Day
Chaplain's Alert for June 17, 2011
Chaplain's Alert for June 27, 2011
Free Bridal Gowns for Veterans
2011 State Golf Outing
Last Chance to be part of the 2011 Legion College Class
Wisconsin Badgers Football Salute to Veterans
Governor Appoints John Scocos as WDVA Secretary
Lennox Industries Providing Furnaces to Families
Chaplain's Alert for October 5, 2011
Clint Chrisman Funeral Wishes
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