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Adjutant's Notes for March 1, 2016

 A Special Message from National Vice Commander David L. Gough

 Fellow Legionnaires,

 Just a quick message to hopefully emphasize the importance of continued membership push, especially at this time of the year. It looks  like we have started our normal (this time of year) slide and I know Commander Oatman is as concerned as I am. You all have been doing  a great job this year, keeping Commander Dale up front, and we can't let this momentum stop now, or even slow down. We have dropped  to 4th place and we are 225 behind last year at this time. We would be in 3rd place with those 225 and with 500 we would be back in 2nd  place, which is actually FIRST. (I don't count Philippines)

We have so much, so many reasons to be working harder than ever. When I had the privilege of standing in the reception line for National Commander candidate Denise and for National President candidate Diane, everyone was saying how Wisconsin is shining brightly on the National level. Everyone is watching how well Wisconsin is supporting our candidates. This is Wisconsin's time to shine, and membership is one way to show our support.

Wisconsin has kept me in second place in the National Vice Commanders race and we have been close to first all along.......but now I'm in third and I have to tell you, I DON'T LIKE IT.

Please, Please, pick the pace up and show the rest of the country how we support our Department Commander and how we support our National Office candidates. This is so important....................

David L. Gough

National Vice Commander, Central Region

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