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Adjutant's Notes for June 24, 2016

Building Wisconsin has developed a show on the Camp American Legion's Gary G. Wetzel Nature Trail.

CLICK HERE for the link to the show or catch it on one of the following:


Saturday, June 25th @ 1:00 PM on WISN-TV12
Sunday, June 26th @ 8:00 AM on WVTV-Ch 18
Sunday July 3rd @ 8:00 AM on WVTV-Ch 18


Saturday, June 25th @ 8:30 AM on FOX 47
Saturday, June 25th @6:00 PM on TVW14

Sunday, June 26th @ 11:30 AM on TVW 14


Saturday, June 25th @ 4:00 PM on FOX55
Sunday, June 26th @ 11:30 AM on TVW55


Saturday, June 25th @ 5:30 AM on CW
Sunday, June 26th @ 5:30 AM on CW


Saturday, June 25th @ 12:00 PM on WGBA-NBC26


Saturday, June 25th @ 1:00 AM on WDIO-ABC10/13
Sunday, June 26th @ 4:30 PM on WDIO-ABC 10/13

CLICK HERE for registration form for the annual Department Golf Outing September 10, 2016.


CLICK HERE for information on a Couples Military Retreat in Egg Harbor, WI August 21-25, 2016.

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