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Adjutant's Notes for January 8, 2016

The 2016 Midwinter conference is scheduled to kick-off next week and it’s drawing more and more attention from outside the organization.  2016 is an election year and candidates for State-wide election to “partisan” offices have requested an opportunity to meet The Legion Family.

It’s a testament to our influence as an organization.

Bearing in mind that we are politically active as an organization, we are strictly “non-partisan” and do not endorse candidates at any level. We welcome the opportunity to meet with candidates from all parties who are seeking public office. 

To ensure that any individual candidate’s visit cannot be construed as an endorsement, we have taken pains to make sure that all announced candidates for State-wide election to “partisan” offices have been made aware that they are welcome to attend. 

We can anticipate some candidates visiting Ho-Chunk Hotel, Casino and Conference Center during the Midwinter Conference.  We can interpret their desire to meet us as a gesture of respect and it is only appropriate that we treat them respectfully in turn.  Regardless of how we may feel personally, our conduct toward them during their visit it is a reflection of The American Legion.  Please be respectful.

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