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Adjutant Notes for June 3, 2016

Your No-Cost LegionCare Coverage Could Be Expiring Soon. Reactivate Now!

If you enrolled in the Legionnaire Insurance Trust’s LegionCare No-Cost AD&D Program prior to 1/1/2015, your coverage is set to expire on August 31, 2016. To make sure this doesn’t happen, all you have to do is reenroll today on  It’s no cost to you and now it never expires as long as you remain a member of the Legion Family.

What is LegionCare? All dues-paying Legion Family members have the opportunity to enroll in LegionCare; a complimentary NO COST accidental death benefit provided to you by the Legionnaire Insurance Trust. 

LegionCare provides you with:

•$5,000 in Accidental Death Coverage for covered accidents that occur if you are traveling on official Legion business. *

•$1,000 for all other covered accidents.

•24/7 protection that covers members at home, at work and while they are travelling away from home.

Plus, LegionCare is now available to all members of the Legion Family including the American Legion Auxiliary and Sons of the American Legion members 18 years and older.

You are guaranteed this NO COST benefit with no health questions, no hidden qualifications … and no reason to pass up your opportunity for this important benefit.

Sign up now and you’ll be covered for as long as you maintain your membership in the Legion Family. This new “one and done” approach will save you from needing to re-enroll every 5 years.

Does this apply only to those that enrolled prior to 1/1/2015?  No! If you haven’t signed up for LegionCare at all yet, you can enroll now on  Don’t miss out on this valuable benefit provided to you by the Legionnaire Insurance Trust .

To Enroll or Reactivate, visit or call 1-800-235-6943.

* For purposes of the Legionnaire Insurance Trust, a member of the Legion Family, with current year’s dues paid, could be eligible for the $5,000.00 Accidental Death benefit if he/she is traveling to, attending, or returning from an official function at which the he/she represents his/her Post, District, Department, or National Organization in an official capacity. Bonus benefit for Legion business travel in not available in MN and NH.



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