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 The American Legion, Department of Wisconsin will be conducting training throughout
 Wisconsin, with the Wisconsin American Legion College Alumni Association (WALCAA)
 members serving as trainers. This is 3 steps that includes Basic, Intermediate and
 Advanced courses. Each course has several lessons. Program Overview

 Locations are being sought throughout the state to hold these training sessions.
 If you are interested in hosting a training session at your Post, please fill out the attached
 Request For Proposal (RFP) and return it to Heaquarters. 


2017-2018 OFFICERS
President/Class Rep. 2005 John Edelblute
Vice President Jeff Puddy
Secretary/Class Rep. 2016 Jim Waltich
Treasurer/Membership Karl Stuvengen 
Judge Advocate Ron Hessil 
Dean of College Bob Shappell
Chancellor Julie Muhle
Class Representative 2015 Paul Beseler
Class Representative 2009 Barb Belmont
Class Representative 2011 Bill Babb
Registrar Mary Lloyd






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