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National and Homeland Security Committee


The purpose of the National & Homeland Security Committee is to organize the membership in support of national or civilian defense projects in the communities.  To organize the department and to assist in organizing the communities for readiness to meet any emergency.  Keep the rank and file of The American Legion informed of any actions that could have an effect on the security of the state and nation.  Use sources available such as media and/or word of mouth to insure that we are informed of threats to our foreign interests.  Select the Guard/Reservist of the year submitted by participating districts.  Provide increased awareness of POW/MIA's within the Department.  Provide POW/MIA activities and education to the public.  Select the winners of the Edward J. Ormsby Law and Order Award, the Outstanding Fire Fighter Award, and the Emergency Medical Technician Award and any other awards assigned to the committee.

The committee meets four (4) times a year as follows:

Department Fall Meetings ~ Portage, WI ~ 2nd weekend in October

Midwinter Conference ~ Conference City ~ 3rd weekend in January

Department Spring Meetings ~ Portage, WI ~ 2nd weekend in May

Department Convention ~ Convention City ~ 3rd weekend in July

2019-2020 Committee Members

Leo Endres, Chairman ~ Madison, WI
Bob Bohr, Vice Chairman ~ Clintonville, WI
Al Richards, Member, POW/MIA Chairman ~ Grafton, WI
Thomas Stolarczyk, Member ~ Madison, WI
Charlie Young, Member ~ Iron Ridge, WI
Steve Isensee, Member, Blood Donor Chairman ~ Boyd, WI


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