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Interested in Hosting a Department Convention? Download the Request For Proposal (RFP) which covers what is needed and expected and work with your local CVB and Convention Center to fill out the proposal.

Would you like to sponsor a Department Golf Tournament? Click Here for more information.

Golf Tournament Rules

2019 Department Convention

2019 Midwinter Conference

2018 National Convention

2018 Department Convention

2018 Department Spring Meetings

2018 Midwinter Conference

2017 Department Convention

2017 Department Convention Sweepstakes

2017 National Convention

Rev's Run

2017 Bowling Tournament

2017 Golf Tournament

2017 Midwinter Conference

Shopping Extravaganza Fundraiser

2016 National Convention

2016 Department Convention

2016 Department Spring Meetings

2016 Bowling Tournament

2016 Golf Outing

2016 Midwinter Conference

2015 Department Fall Meetings

2015 Department Convention

2015 National Convention

2015 Department Spring Meetings

2015 Golf Tournament

2015 Bowling Tournament

Spirit Run

2015 Midwinter Conference

2014 Department Fall Meetings

2014 National Convention

2014 Department Convention

Rhino's Run

2014 Department Spring Conference

2014 Midwinter Conference

2014 Bowling Tournament

2013 Department Convention

2013 National Convention

2013 Department Spring Conference

2013 Midwinter Conference

2013 Bowling Tournament

2012 Department Fall Meetings

2012 Department Convention ddeed20102

2012 National Convention

2012 Department Spring Conference

2012 Midwinter Conference

2012 Washington Conference

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