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Membership Incentives

Oct - 11

Membership Incentives


Department Commander Julie has announced the following 2022-2023 Membership Incentives.

POST INCENTIVE: This a “Legion Post improvement incentive.” The post must use winnings for post improvements. This could include, but not limited to; rent, repairs, upgrades, community giving, donations to Legion programs, Troop and Family Support, Sponsor a Vet to Camp American Legion, or similar Positive Impact causes.

There will be 3 winners

1st place-$2,000 The post that exceeds the highest percent of goal 30 days before convention.

2nd place-$1000 The Post that exceeds membership goal by the highest actual number of members.

3rd place-$500 Most improved Post (Current year percentage compared to last year percentage).

The post must provide the following:

  • A CPR filled out and returned to HQ by 6/1/2023.
  • A CIP-R (Capitol Improvement Project -Request Form) explaining what the money will go for. (This form is for accountability of the money)

DISTRICT COMMANDERS’ INCENTIVE: The First District that reaches 100% of their membership goal 30 days before convention will be awarded a suite at convention to enable several District members to attend the convention without having to pay.


100% POST MEMBERSHIP INCENTIVE:  Membership is heating up and posts are on FIRE. And to help put all of that smokin’ hot heat to good use, posts that reach 100% are eligible to win a Traeger Pro 780 Smoker. Each week that a post is at 100% per the Membership Report, they will be entered for the drawing. (i.e. if a post is at 100% the entire year, then they get 52 entries). At the next Department Convention in Wausau, Department Commander Julie will draw the post who will receive the grill. The post can do whatever they want with it; sell it, raffle it, keep it, use it, or donate it. The post will just need to coordinate picking it up. Remember, where there’s smoke there’s fire! Now let’s get out there and really light up the night sky with our membership.

LEGION FAMILY MEMBER INCENTIVE: Every Legion Family member that signs up 1 new member will be put in a drawing for $250, one each to be drawn at Midwinter (January 14th) and one during Department Convention (July 22nd). Note: It is the responsibility of the Family Member to fill out the entry form and send it in.

DUAL, TRI OR QUAD MEMBERS: Every Dual, Tri or Quad member will be put in a drawing for a weekend for 4 at the Kalahari. Dual members get 2 entries, Tri members get 3 entries and Quad members get 4 entries. This will be drawn at Department Convention (July 22nd). Note: It is the responsibility of the Family Member to fill out the entry form and send it in.

To enter any of these contest please Fill out and return this ENTRY FORM

Full List of Incentives


100% Legion Family Ribbon Form

103% Membership Pin

Five Expired Members VETS Pin

Membership Tacks Order Form

Three New Members Be the One Pin


It's our mission to enhance the lives of our Veterans and their families, inspire the next generation of Wisconsin leaders, and promote the principles of The Legion in every community across the Badger State.

Together, we can accomplish so much for those who need us. We welcome you to our Legion Family.