Communications Committee Purpose:

The purpose of the Communications Committee is to serve as the voice of Veterans by enhancing public perceptions of The American Legion, America’s Veterans and their families.  It is the responsibility of the committee to maintain the image of The American Legion and to communicate our various messages to the public promoting and publicizing projects, events, programs and accomplishments of The American Legion.  The committee will be responsible for recommending policy changes in the publication of the official Department paper, “The Badger Legionnaire”. The Committee meets 4 times a year at Fall Meetings, Midwinter, Spring Meetings and Department Convention.


Joan Sallee, Chair - Walworth

Mike Feirer, Vice Chair - Marshfield

Jerrold Schultz, Member - Madison

Paul Ciarelli, Member - Kenosha

Bill Robbins, Member - Madison

Allen Nohl, Member - Sheboygan

Bonnie Dorniak, Auxiliary Liaison

Linda Pfeiffer, DEC Liaison


It's our mission to enhance the lives of our Veterans and their families, inspire the next generation of Wisconsin leaders, and promote the principles of The Legion in every community across the Badger State.

Together, we can accomplish so much for those who need us. We welcome you to our Legion Family.


On this day in 1919, The American Legion is federally chartered, which authorizes the as-yet unincorporated organization to proceed to the adoption of a constitution and bylaws, elect officers “and do all other things necessary” as outlined in U.S. Code, Title 36, Chapters 41-50. Under Chapter 43, “Purposes of corporation,” much of the language is borrowed from the original draft Preamble to The American Legion Constitution with some notable deviations, such as “to promote peace and good will among the peoples of the United States and all the nations of the earth” and “to cement the ties and comradeship born of service.” The original charter outlines the powers and authority of the organization, membership criteria, naming rights, exclusivity to manufacture and use The American Legion emblem, and a requirement that “the organization shall be nonpolitical and, as an organization, shall not promote the candidacy of any person seeking public office.” #AmericanLegionDay ... See MoreSee Less