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Participants in the American Legion Oratorical Contest develop leadership qualities, the ability to think and speak clearly and intelligently, and are better prepared for the acceptance of the duties and responsibilities, for the rights and privileges of American citizenship.
A single main speech topic related the United States Constitution will be required with a length of 8 to 10 minutes, as well as an "Assigned Topic" that must consume 3 to 5 minutes  of presenter's delivery.  For more details, see link below.
* Each District winner will receive an Oratory Medal
* Each Regional participant will receive a $600 scholarship
* The winner of each Regional contest will receive a $1000 scholarship
* The Department finalist receive $2000 for first, $1500 for second, and $1000 for third
* National finalist receive $18,000 for first, $16,000 for second, and $14,000 for third


It takes many volunteers to have a successful  Oratorical contest.  Please click on the 2018 Volunteer link below if you would like to help us out. The date for this year’s Department oratorical contest at Ripon College is February 10, 2018.  Deadline to fill out this form is no later than January 15, 2018. Must be a high school graduate to volunteer.  Thank you for your support!


For More Information:

For dates, sites, and deadline information concerning local, district, and state level competition, individuals should contact the local American Legion Post or
Interested Student can fill out the ATTACHED FORM and submit it. Someone will get back to within 5-7 business days.
**Any contestant participating in a Post contest MAY NOT participate in any other Post contest or represent any other post at any level.  The three finalists of the National Contest will be ineligible for further participation at any level as well.

The results of the 80th Annual Oratorical Scholarship Contest Finals:
1st Place Carolyn Willson - 9th District
2nd Place Joshua Anumolu - 5th District
3rd Place Hannah Krueger - 6th District
Pictured with the top 3 is Department Commander Daniel J. Seehafer.

To get the latest information from National Click Here.

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