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Membership & Post Activities Committee


The purpose of the Membership & Post Activities Committee is to promote an increase of membership in the Department, to ascertian the causes for failure of former members to renew their membership, and generally, to assist the Posts in a program working toward increasing the numerical strength of the Department.   Also, to recommend programs to Posts for the promotion of such activities as would stimulate interest in The American Legion and its programs in all communities.

The committee meets four (4) times a year as follows:

Department Fall Meetings ~ Portage, WI ~ 2nd weekend in October

Midwinter Conference ~ Conference City ~ 3rd weekend in January

Department Spring Meetings ~ Portage, WI ~ 2nd weekend in May

Department Convention ~ Convention City ~ 3rd weekend in July

2016-2017 Committee Members

Darla Porter, Chairman ~ Wausau, WI
Mark Lesko, Vice Chairman ~ LaValle, WI
Tom Strey, Department Vice Commander ~ Ocomonomowoc, WI
Frank Kostka, Department Vice Commander ~ Ashland, WI
Ensley Brown, Department Vice Commander ~ Milwaukee, WI
Laurel Clewell, Department Vice Commander ~ Appleton, WI
Jay Suttle, Member ~ Milwaukee, WI
Steve Isensee, Member ~ Boyd, WI
David Brisk, Member ~ Waukesha, WI

Julie Muhle, Member ~ Burnett, WI

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