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Children & Youth Committee


The purpose of the Children & Youth Committee is to insure that any child of a veteran in need of care and protection shall receive proper and timely service and aid; to strengthen the family unit; extend support; extend support to sound organizations and facilities that provide services for children and youth; and to maintain a well-rounded program that meets the needs of the young people in their respective communities.

The committee meets two (2) times a year as follows:

Midwinter Conference ~ Conference City ~ 3rd weekend in January

Department Convention ~ Convention City ~ 3rd weekend in July

2017-2018 Committee Members

James Waltich, Chairman ~ West Allis, WI
Lori Bellow, Vice Chairman ~ Green Bay, WI

Chuck Roessler, Member ~ Milwaukee, WI
Leslie Morgan, Member ~ Milwaukee, WI
Mary Lloyd, Member ~ Stoughton
Mark Degner, Member ~ Plymouth, WI

Every June the Committee meets to pick the Department Children & Youth Awards to be presented at the Department Convention in July.  The information used for picking the awards comes from the Children & Youth report form which can be found on Page 129 & Appendix F in your Administrative Manual.  You can also fill out the form HERE and submit it to the Department.

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